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1 of only 14 Approved NMVTIS Data Providers

NMVTIS provides matching records on over 96% of vehicles in the country.

As 1 of 14 official NMVTIS providers, our reports disclose information on over 70 critical title disclosures to protect against title fraud, unsafe, and stolen vehicles. With government-backed data, you’re empowered to make smart business decisions that lower your risk, increase your bottom line and build consumer confidence. 

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Get official NMVTIS records on over 70 Critical Title Disclosures.

What’s Included in the Report:

  Junk & salvage information
  Insurance report
  Title history & Title brand
  Odometer discrepancies
  Average pricing and mileage information
  Online history, including photos
  Vehicle photos & pricing
  Make & model, body style, transmission, etc.
  …And More!

Get online photo & vehicle history from over 20 years and 50 million vehicles.

71% of shoppers looking to buy a used car said they would seek vehicle history reports.

Source: AYTM

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