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Inventory Exposure

Over 21,000 Dealers Nationwide


Over 21,000 Dealers Nationwide


Our dealership network and consumer traffic power Carsforsale.com to be the robust lead-generating tool it is today. With 19.27 searches per second happening on Carsforsale.com, consumers' are searching for your inventory; will they find it?

Over 21,000 Dealers Nationwide


At $99 a month, offering dealers the best products on the market at an affordable rate is the foundation of our business. We want you to value Carsforsale.com and the value it brings to your business. We drive leads and convert shoppers to buyers, period.

Over 21,000 Dealers Nationwide


Open your dealership's doors to 8 million monthly shoppers. With Carsforsale.com, inventory listings are available on all your customers devices with our clean, responsive design. Increasing your visibility is easy with Carsforsale.com.

What We Offer


Lead Generation

The Carsforsale.com website offers great inventory exposure with a wide variety of buyer to seller contact opportunities.

Extensive Vehicle Details

Consumers are offered a vehicle snapshot, custom descriptions, vehicle insights, photos, video and more when searching on Carsforsale.com.

Consumer Research

Vehicle research is offered to help consumers see insights including vehicle demand, average price, average miles, price history and more.

Dealership Website Links

Every listing on Carsforsale.com links to your dealership website, helping consumers recognize and connect further with your dealership brand.

Designer Websites

These flexible responsive websites take customization to the next level, allowing our skilled Web Designers to make your brand and specializations the focus of your homepage. Simply tell us what you'd like and we'll do all the work.

Self-Managed Websites

We have put you in the driver’s seat. Not only will your new responsive website be seamlessly displayed across all devices for the ultimate user experience, you’re in control with basic customization features and real time updates.

Custom Websites

Built to suit, our powerful websites represent your brand. As your 24 hour virtual showroom, it is our goal to understand your dealers and customers to build a lead generating website. Each Custom Website is accompanied by a mobile version.


Carsforsale.com works with you to determine the best optimization for your website to increase visibility. We help search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! understand what your dealership offers and help get you in front of the right customers.

Social Media Integration

Integrating your social media accounts on your website is another great way Carsforsale.com increases your visibility in search engines, helps your dealership gain followers, and increases inventory exposure.

Website Hosting

Carsforsale.com will make hosting and updating your website hassle free. We will even help you purchase your domain name if needed.

Inventory Management

Our fully integrated dealership inventory management tool will get your inventory online faster so you can sell it sooner.

Vehicle History Report

With accurate data on millions of vehicles, we've got the information dealerships need to make your next inventory decision. All at no additional cost. Reports provided by Carsforsale.com®, an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider.

Lead Management

A comprehensive lead management system features lead tracking from initial contact throughout the sales process.

Sales Reporting

Access the reporting features you need to make smarter business decisions and increase profits. Easily view and measure the health of your dealership with these robust reports.


One word: customization. From describing your inventory and updating website settings to 3rd party posting tools and printables, Account Center by Carsforsale.com allows you to set your preferences to make life easier and save you time.


Your entire staff can have secure login credentials with assigned permissions. Each user can manage their leads and track follow-ups as well as add and sell vehicles making your dealership more efficient.

VIN Decoder

Carsforsale.com makes inventory management easy with our powerful VIN Decoder. Simply load the VIN number, and the vehicle details are automatically pulled into your vehicle ad.

Batch Photo Uploading

Easily drag and drop your photos for each of your vehicles. Save valuable time when managing your inventory images.

Digital Paperwork

Our single-point entry system completes your point-of-sale documents, including a bill of sale, odometer disclosures, buyers’ guides and more. Close deals more efficiently with data pulled directly from your Carsforsale Account Center.


Make your life easier with custom templates for window stickers, mirror hangers and more. Easily print these items for your entire inventory at one time.

Responsive Design

On the lot or on the go, our completely responsive web design allows you to sign in and utilize the system on any device.

Cloud Based & Secure

Access the core of your dealership from any device at any time; desktop software is a thing of the past. Increase your dealership efficiency with this cloud based, fully secured system.

Inventory Analysis Reporting

Want a simple snapshot into the health of your inventory? Are you above or below average on your pricing? Increase your lead potential by learning how your inventory stacks up against your competitor’s listings.

Pricing Tool Reporting

Wondering how to price your vehicles? The Pricing Tool allows you to check averages with live regional market data directly from Carsforsale.com. Price your vehicles with confidence and stay ahead of your competition.

Demand Tool Reporting

Curious who would want to buy the car you have your eye on at auction? The Demand Tool helps you discover trending vehicles in your region based on actual Carsforsale.com searches.

Best Value Reporting

Find out who is offering the best deals in your marketplace. Use the Best Value report to see if your vehicles are on top or if your inventory is falling short.

Data Management & Distribution

Carsforsale.com offers even more opportunities for displaying inventory with our national vendor partnerships and social media tools. These export partnerships enhance your dealership's marketing and inventory exposure.


Don’t want to load your inventory? Set up an inventory feed from your current provider and we will import your lot for you. We work with hundreds of partners to make your life easier.


With Carsforsale.com, you will never pay extra to set up exports for your inventory. We understand how hard it is to maintain multiple inventory sites, which is why we’ve developed the necessary relationships to simplify your dealership's online marketing.

Partnership with FreeClassifieds.com

Carsforsale.com partners with FreeClassifieds.com to automatically send your inventory to the up and coming classifieds site providing yet another outlet for leads.

Ad Template Builder

Carsforsale.com offers fully compliant tools for posting ads on 3rd party online classifieds websites.

Social Media Integration

With millions of users, social media is a great outlet to reach untapped buyers. Applications for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube help extend your online reach by promoting your inventory to social media users.

Dealer Training

Our staff has extensive experience training on our products and one-on-one dealer training is available at any time.


Our Dealer Support staff is dedicated to the success of each and every one of our dealers. Directly from our South Dakota based headquarters, all representatives are here to make your life easier.

Dealer Websites


Work with Carsforsale to develop a lead generating, customized website that delivers a great customer experience.

Unique designs. Creative customizations. Engaging user experience.


Give your customers a professional impression with a new Responsive website from Carsforsale. Today’s website traffic comes from desktop, tablet, and mobile, ensure your dealership’s site offers the best user experience, no matter the device. Responsive Sites are INCLUDED in our all-inclusive monthly cost.

Why Responsive?

Get Started


From branding to service to financing to bilingual content, we've got you covered. Let one of our skilled designers create a custom homepage tailored to your dealership needs.

Designer Site 001


Designer Site 002


Designer Site 003


Designer Site 004


Designer Site 005


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Designer Site 007


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Designer Site 009


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We have refined the process of customizing websites and put you in the driver’s seat. With site control and the ability to see updates go live in real time, you can build your brand, your way.


With a custom website from Carsforsale, dynamically showcase your inventory and dealership with your choice of layout, menus, font, and logos – the combinations are endless.

$99 / Month*

No Commitments & No Set-up Fees

  • Carsforsale.com Inventory Listings & Lead Generation
  • Unlimited Imports & Exports
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Pricing & Demand Tools
  • Inventory Performance & Tracking Reports
  • Lead Management
  • Responsive Dealer Websites & Management Tools
  • Custom Dealer Websites
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Purchasing Assistance

*Pricing may vary based on inventory levels.

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