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Facebook Marketplace Shoppers Are Active & Growing

Don’t miss your chance to list early & get ahead of the curve.
  • Every day, millions of buyers are actively shopping for used vehicles on Facebook Marketplace 

  • Buyers won’t wait, reach on-the-go shoppers with optimized, mobile-friendly listings 

  • Increase your social reach, influence and sales

  • Drive leads and capitalize on new social sales opportunities

  • Gain credibility with customers for listing in a modern, relevant platform that’s convenient for them

Dealers are seeing up to a 30% Increase in Leads from Facebook Marketplace.

Source: Digital Dealer

1 in 3 People in the U.S. Use Facebook Marketplace

More than 800 million people each month come to buy & sell things, like cars, on Facebook Marketplace.

Source: c|net

Facebook Users Spend 79 Minutes a Day on Their Apps

With 2.5 billion unique monthly active users across its apps, Facebook users average 79 minutes per day!

Source: Visual Capitalist

Brand your Facebook Marketplace Listings to Drive Leads To You!

Powerful listings are made more powerful with Carsforsale.com tools.
  • Brand your Facebook Marketplace listings with Carforsale.com Photo Overlays to gain exposure for your inventory and brand 
  • We choose to list your inventory in a way that drives leads directly to your Facebook Page and Dealer Website
  • Include all the critical details: make, model, photos, price, mileage & engine specs
  • Get automatic value reporting added to your listing

Get Direct & Instant Lead Communication

One click starts a real-time conversation with eager buyers.
  • Communication capitalizes on the Facebook Messenger app, creating real-time conversations between you and potential buyers
  • Drive leads and capitalize on new social sales opportunities

Facebook Marketplace Quick FAQs

Can I list inventory on Facebook Marketplace without an approved inventory provider?

No, not at this time. Facebook requires that all dealerships work with inventory partners like Carsforsale.com to get their vehicles listed on Marketplace. With only a handful of current providers, now is the time to get listed and take advantage of low inventory levels and massive shopper exposure.

How many vehicles will I be able to list?

There is no limit to listing pre-owned vehicles on Facebook Marketplace. As long as all of the required inventory information is provided, your listing will be automatically built and published. 

How much does it cost to list all my vehicles on Facebook Marketplace?

With Carsforsale.com, it’s FREE! Other companies may charge a service or activation fee but not Carsforsale.com! This service is included as part of our All-Inclusive $99 Suite of Solutions. With no hidden fees and unlimited vehicle distribution, there’s more value for you.

How long does it take to get my Facebook Marketplace Integration set-up?

If you’re just starting with Carsforsale.com, it takes as little as 3 days to have your inventory on Facebook Marketplace. Our experienced team will step you through every part of the process to ensure quick, one-time set-up for fast activation!

Current Carsforsale.com dealers, it takes 1 phone call & 5 minutes or less of your time to activate your Marketplace integration. Give us a call – it’s the best 5 minutes you’ll spend all year.

How quickly will my inventory be live on Marketplace?

Once you’re connected, your inventory will be published within as little as 12 to 48 hours depending on the time of day and the day of week you activate your integration. Our goal is to ensure you are listed quickly!

Setting up Facebook Marketplace was so easy and fast! Excellent customer service with step-by-step instructions. We’re excited to be on this growing platform early thanks to Carsforsale.com.

Fred S

Interstate Fleets Auto Sales

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