Phone Leads

Playback your phone leads from to gain key insights!

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New Lead Details, Powerful New Insights

Playback your phone leads for key customer information and details.

Dynamic Data & Reports

Lead details and reporting for business insights!
  • View lead contact information down to the location of each call
  • Add new customers to your contacts
  • Update details on previous customers 
  • View call times and dates for fast response
  • View phone lead reporting to help ensure quick follow-up times 
  • Leverage peak call times for staff coverage

Playback Capabilities

Listen to calls for customer information!
  • Listen to your new lead inquiries – for the first or 30th time!
  • Playback previous lead conversations for notes and details
  • Gain understanding for customer preferences
  • Use notes from your phone leads to tailor customer follow-up for a personal touch!

Customer Insights for a Personal Touch

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

It can be hard to capture all the details when you are on a live call with a customer. That’s why our phone lead system is so powerful – it allows you to revisit conversations at your convenience and use customer preferences to deliver a personal experience to make a lasting impression!

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