In this blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about Facebook Marketplace and how it will benefit car dealers like you.

Facebook Marketplace 101: The Basics 

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this guide:

  • What is Facebook Marketplace & Why Does It Matter 
  • What’s in a Facebook Marketplace Vehicle Listing 
  • Benefits of Facebook Marketplace for Dealers
  • How to Get Started with Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Evolution: From Customer to Corporation

The Birth of Marketplace

Facebook created an online Marketplace, a shopping platform that today has 800 million monthly active users, to connect buyers and sellers in their area. It started as a person to person platform, where individuals in your community or region could sell off used goods to people nearby from their personal Facebook pages. Sellers could upload photos, details and their location to every listing to help buyers narrow down their search.

Business Listings

Facebook soon realized that Marketplace could benefit more than just the average Joe down the street and began implementing a business platform in 2016. By integrating business listings, companies could list their inventory from their Facebook business pages to begin building customer trust and local authority. But there was a catch. Facebook only gave a handful of companies, known as Deals Partners or Inventory Partners, the opportunity to list inventory for certain industries.

Auto Dealer Integration

Facebook realized that they couldn’t go it alone to deliver the exposure that auto dealers wanted from a third-party Marketplace. By partnering with Inventory Partners, like, Facebook was able to drive more traffic through other third-party car search platforms to Marketplace to ensure that auto dealers could see a benefit from their service.

Inside a Facebook Marketplace Vehicle Listing

Facebook Marketplace listings allow you to showcase each vehicle’s features, while also driving traffic to your website and dealership. Here’s everything inside a Facebook Marketplace Listing:

  • Core information for vehicle – mileage, transmission type, color, VIN, safety rating, fuel type 
  • Price comparison
  • Typical Features – infotainment features, navigation, type of drivetrain, etc.,
  • Seller’s Description
  • Map location of Dealership
  • Dealership Contact Information
  • Direct Message Link

What are the Benefits of Facebook Marketplace for Dealers?

By using Marketplace Inventory Partners, dealers no longer need to manually add and remove listings from Marketplace. Dealers also see the benefit of uploading vehicle listings through their Facebook business page, giving them a leg up over other auto dealers in the area who post from their personal page.

Create brand authority

By listing your inventory on Marketplace through your business page, your brand receives more eyes every day than it would if you were posting your inventory from your personal page. 

Build customer trust

Buying a car requires more trust than buying a used kitchen table. Customers trust dealerships more than they trust someone selling a vehicle from their personal Facebook page.

Grow your social audience

Listing your inventory on Facebook Marketplace with an Inventory Partner allows you to showcase your Facebook business page, drawing more people back to your social media. 

Easy inventory management

Managing your inventory on Facebook Marketplace is easier with Inventory Partners with automatic synchronization of listings.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace 

1. Find an Inventory Partner (Like!)

Finding an Inventory Partner to help upload your inventory is key to getting recognized over other dealers on Facebook Marketplace. Some inventory partners offer free Marketplace uploads to dealers who sign up for their service. Your inventory partner should do all the work for you and help you with any questions you may have.

2. Decide Which Vehicles to List on Marketplace

Uploading all your inventory Facebook Marketplace is an option, but you may only want a handful on Marketplace to start. Decide what vehicles you want to list on Marketplace and then send those to your Inventory Partner for importing.

3. Use Facebook Messenger to Communicate with Leads

Facebook integrates Facebook Messenger with Facebook Marketplace to make it even easier to communicate with your incoming leads. Car buyers will message you for details, pricing, or questions about your listing within Marketplace, which will then send you an instant notification to your desktop or mobile device. You can chat back and forth with leads, giving you more opportunities to connect with customers before they get on the lot.

4. Close More Deals with’s Facebook Marketplace Integration

Facebook Marketplace is the perfect way to increase your exposure to close more deals. Uploading vehicle listings to Marketplace with can increase lead generation up to 30%.

Facebook Marketplace is a vital channel for car dealers as it delivers vehicle listings directly where car buyers are today. Using an Inventory Partner to set up your Facebook Marketplace listings allows you to spend less time manually uploading and more time selling vehicles. To learn more about how Facebook Marketplace can help your dealership, check out the Facebook Marketplace FAQ sheet.